The Route Map for Content Strategy – Part II


Route Map For Content Strategy Plan

Innovation and great ideas work  most successful for content strategy plan. Testing by surveys or  polls will offer a better view about the success and will also be a reliable source to design more in the future. It has been a practice for many SMEs to follow a successful formula that has clicked for few companies. Although it is a good practice, it is never recommended with the fact that consumers are more educated and they can quickly identify the strategy and may not opt for it directly.

Conducting a product-interest research and checking the market interests, statistics, competitors attention and overall success rate can offer a profitable view to choose an innovative content strategy.

Although the key plan for designing a content strategy is similar that was discussed in The Route Map for Content Strategy – Part I, there are several performance indicators that prove to be a measuring scale for reviewing the results. Also it helps in better promotion of products via several methods.  The following are the statistical measures for ensuring to plan a content strategy that assures 200% results.

  1. Data Reports of Product Market

Key information is available in data-driven information. Collecting a reliable source of information about your business or products that details about the present production, supply and demand will enable whether your content strategy plan will set the path for making an entry into the market.Performance of competitors

2. Lacking areas of immediate sellers

All suppliers cannot meet the heavy demand of consumers. Because of the fact that consumers have a variety of interests and customers are always in search of new brands and services. Taking majority of decisions in the interest of customers and launching a business content strategy in that methodology has more rate of clicks.

3.Analyzing Profitable Factors by bridging the gap

Each business has its own pros and cons and there are many customers who prefer only branded quality of products. If 60% of consumers are with your competitors, you still have 40% of consumers to bridge the gap and offer your services.  Designing a content strategy with clear motives, objectives and targets will enable to make a measurable plan.

4. Audiences calculation of Interest and percentages of Interest

The assessment of purchasing power, buying behavior, consumer psychology, choice of interest and analysis of buying psychology, can be a guideline and valuable information in designing a content strategy.  Although more and more consumers are opting for e-commerce, if your audience include offsite buyers, you must have a content marketing plan for them as well. Collecting the data for several channels will support a practice working module for content strategy plan.

5.Media  Nearly Reachable to the prospective buyers

Facebook, Linkedin, Google Ads, Banner Ads, Text ads and Newspaper ads must be reached on a cost-effective method. Remember your aim to educate and inform your audience and generate leads and enquiries. Therefore choosing widely applicable advertising and marketing methods will bring faster traffic.

6.Easily Communicating Literature

Simplicity, clarity and impressive content is greatly in demand. If you are really planning to reach a wider audience for your business, the content marketing materials must be very simple, easily understood and must be engaging adding value to their life style.

7.Enabling Consumers for profitable decisions

Decisions are most complicated, particularly from the perspective of consumers. Emphasizing on the benefits alone will never impress a consumer. There must be a need and helping customers identifying their needs and long-term usability will build a business profile.

8.Capturing via high quality

Quality can never be undermined as customers prefer quality goods and keeping this important fact in view, supplying high quality products will soon win a favor.

9.Delivering Optimized content

Content and quality product go together and if your content strategy is focusing on these two factors, you are treading the path of success.

The disappointment and distress in content strategy is quite common and this is due to the lack of attention to the environment of consumer and not paying a closer view to the market index and customer segment.

While the brand recognition, reputation, company goodwill and glorious accomplishments do work for many MNCs, it is very important for continuance of good working content strategies will prevail.


The role of a content strategist is more on the statistical and analytical side while being quality manager in content strategy development. The practice perspective will definitely bring good results.

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