18 Top Terms Useful for Business Content Strategy

Important terms in business content strategy
Important terms in business content strategy


There are many helpful terms in business content strategy. The following are the terms that help businesses to implement their content strategy.

1.Content Strategy

Content strategy refers to the planning, development and management of content. Every small business or a startup is in need of a particular business content strategy.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing covers many strategies, tips, techniques and formulas to achieve business needs and customer interests by using customer relation management. There are many experiences categorized in content marketing and some of these are, brand experience, user experience, customer experience and business performance metrics. Some of the focused areas of content marketing are:

– Brand awareness

– Lead generation

– Engagement

– Sales

– Customer retention

–  Selling

3. Social content marketing

Social content marketing is a place where content marketing and social media/business are connected.  In the recent times, social content marketing tactics and strategies have grown widely. But this term is not about social sharing or optimizing content for social channels, but it is also about getting connected.

4. Digital content marketing

Digital content marketing activities are SEO, SEM, content marketing, content automation, e-commerce marketing, email direct marketing, campaign marketing, social media marketing, ebooks, games, display advertising and other forms of digital media.  Digital marketing is all about digital channels used to promote products, services  to B2B and B2C.

5. Content marketing strategy

A content marketing strategy has definite objectives, content marketing program, measure the success metrics of content marketing, defining audiences, research audience needs, content execution plan and social media plan.

6. Online content marketing

Online content marketing is a strategic marketing approach to create a value-driven content to distribute and market products and services for profits.

7. Content Management System

This is a software application that supports information, editorial, governance and publishing tools to automate the CMS thereby decreasing the manual checking tasks in content management. Content strategist will enable the users to interact with content. Understanding the principles, capabilities and specific requirements  of CMS is important for a content strategist.

8. Content Curation

Content curation is the process of collection, analysis and displaying the information relevant to a particular topic.  Those who curate content are called as content curators. Curation services can be accessed by businesses and users.

9. Content Syndication

Many companies set content syndication as their strategy. This is about pushing your blog or website or video content into third-party sites in the form of an article, link or thumbnail. The main purpose of this term is to engage your content with audience and boost traffic.

10. Content life-cycle

Content life-cycle deals with content creation, changes and series of reproduction and onward follow-up.  There are five stages of lifecycle:

– Strategic analysis

– Content collection

– Content management

– Publication and maintenance

– Preserving the content for next cycle

11. Content Audit

Content audit is about checking the legal aspects of content, ascertaining scope for high traffic via content and assessment of content types.  There are 3 basic types of content audit.

  • Quantitative audit

URLs, listed content, page titles and downloadable documents are available in quantitative audit helping you to know how much content is available is digital properties.

  • Mapping audit

A tree like or architecture, is detailed completely about the content and relation between different pieces of content.  It will also indicate how the content is organized and a view of the missing aspects.

  • Multidimensional audit

This type of audit will detail about the performance of content on each page and the design formats. It also indicates the analytics such as bounce rate, page views and unique visitors.

12. Content Engineering

Deploying technology resources and developing scientific principles to the design, support, development  that meet the meet the needs of content optimization is all about content engineering. In other words, as a content strategist, you will involve all to the development of content life-cycle to develop standardized framework, measurement, testing and in-trend technologies.

13. Content Optimization

Content optimization is about establishing readability, clarity, consistency, findability, tone, voice, accuracy and correctness. This type of content will benefit the customers as they are able to understand the focus of the message clearly and making decisions. As a content strategist, it is important for you to understand your audiences and following the language rules to build a capable, needy and desirable content that is optimized and brings more effective results. Some of the aspects of content to be noted are :

  1. Grading the readability
  2. Checking Grammar
  3. Keeping the view of non-native readers
  4. Enabling translation
  5. Consistency
  6. Search-enabled

14. Content Model

Content model is about meaningful content, building vocabulary and making it easier to execute content strategy. Vast collection of content types and their interrelation is explained. Therefore the interests of various authorities is considered such as stakeholders, technologists, business owners and content strategists will keep the informative content live and active. In other words, connection can be made between business and technology or vice versa or connect with any other business arena and interesting content is modeled.

15. Content Matrix

Content matrix is one step ahead of content inventory that helps in the progress of each piece of content in lifecycle of content. Content matrix will track the behaviors, locations, connections and content states.  Each step is examined carefully as the data is added to the matrix as follows:

  • Watch content development
  • Put efforts in gap analysis
  • Design migration plan
  • To structure unstructured content
  • Design a route to business/functional requirements

Content Matrix also does a very good in :

  • identifying metadata / keywords/ tags
  • Takes note of old and new site route
  • Content audit
  • Content accessibility

While working with content matrix, it is very important to keep the audience interests, clients, owners, legal, programmers who may need content matrix for various purposes. It is recommended to use spreadsheet to arrange matrix data.

16. Modular Content

Modular content is a structured content having components required for quality content. Modular content is about designing, creation and delivery stages of various content components. This helps the content either in single context or multiple context, to meet daily goals and also in setting / preparing for the next day job tasks ahead. Content strategist is need of this format in order to increase and develop or add more interesting features in delivering meaningful content for business or service based organizations.  By understanding the purpose of content, it is much easy to design different modular components of content that can be delivered to any device and help the audiences to draw the benefits. Modular content has three important characteristics and these are:

  1. Design

It begins with a concept of a particular topic and this is followed by collection of information on a that topic.  Having built with several contexts, the designed content is delivered suitably to a large group of audience.


Since it is required to create multiple topic types, every structure is aligned by its topic thereby creating a model for making an authoritative content and delivery that is repeated and flexible.


Metadata is essential for modular content as it will enable deliveries on a fast pace quickly happening online.

17. Content Inventory

Content inventory is the process of creating a set of organized content assets that includes text, video, images, audio and files for a specific content. Inventory includes more information about each set of content. This helps in creating an organized content to build and define scope for further research. As a content strategist, content inventory is important for implementing content strategy and the list of inventory is spread across in a document wherefrom the present and future results are drawn  as a forecast. Data collection is mostly gathered by a set of automated tools. Examples of redesigning, content strategist will be supplementing the basic data with relevant information and data such as by including content ownership, migration notes, SEO urls and inventory is reorganized by the structure of the website, navigation model and tracking the results of content. In this process, content audit provides additional information about analysis.

18. Content Analysis

Content analysis is about testing and examining the quality of content to prove the results of objectives set online. It is a guiding tool for extending the migration of content during the process of restructuring content marketing. Content analysis includes the tasks of editing, rewriting and restructuring the content. It studies about the voice, audience perspective and interests, attributes, values, meta data research and after appropriate content analysis, context matrix is initiated for implementation and to examine the results. The benefits of content analysis is to standardize the content, evaluate the present quality of content and enhance it for user experience, that will in turn build the recognition, reputation and sales of organizations.


The implementation and application of business content strategies can either help rise or fall of the businesses. To stay in trend, it is important to undertake a business content strategy that will work and prove benefits to the businesses and audiences.


8 Ideas for your Business Content Strategy

What is content strategy?

There are many definitions available online. But one of the best definitions available is  “ planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content” Kristina Halvorson, founder of Brain Traffic, and author of Content Strategy for the Web.

Select suitable content marketing strategy

There is no perfect formula for content marketing strategy. But you should have a detailed documentation as to how a particular business will have to step into marketing experiencing success.

Implement SEO content strategy

SEO content strategy is active and it really works as many SEO experts continue to recommend it.  Building SEO content strategy and practicing it regularly will keep your sales active and even triple your online presence. Keyword planner, density, high and low demand, paid or unpaid search and all other respective tools must be considered while choosing SEO. Read More

Develop a content strategy

Who will develop a content strategy for your business?. If you are thoroughly conversant with business skills and marketing capabilities, you can develop a content strategy that works for your business. In case, you approach a content strategy specialist, you will be guided through the process and will be able to take note of the strategic results. Read More

Keep a list of alternative content strategies

The factor of “what-if” is more probable and is also very active in online business. In case you experience the non-working of a particular content strategy, be ready with the alternative, so that your business does not halt and is moving ahead with good results. While it is recommended to go with the proven strategy, at times, due to unforeseen obstacles, it may not bring good results. At that point, implement the second, third or fourth content strategy, to experience diversified positive results for your business. Read More

Stick to the results of business strategy

Once you are settled with your business strategy, allow it to work on your behalf. Follow the guidelines, terms and conditions and witness the results. Remember, your business strategy might not work for others, as it is developed to drive the audience attention. Wait and watch the results. Read more

Verify your content strategy for the web

Offline businesses need a direct approach to the customers that will be either interactive or static. If you are really dedicated to do your business online, you must ensure that your content strategy must be for the web. There is also a need to trial and test your strategy before your real-time results. Approach a content strategy specialist to give you a clear working. Because unless you launch a compatible business content strategy,  you will never be successful online. Read more

Refer business strategy examples

When you refer to a successful business strategy example, you will know, how that business became popular and how quickly their strategy worked generating sales and conversions.  Not all companies follow the same strategy, but they supply and meet various needs of customers. Whether online or offline, every business is aimed  to follow certain specific business strategies that can click success. It is about reaching your customer in time and in the right way enabling them to access your services. Most successful business giants viz. Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Dell practice proven business strategies that work in the interest of its followers.  Read more


True that there is a lot of competition as always. But chances for winning are really great, if you apply uniquely designed business content strategy. One of the best ways to stay innovative is to have a clear and crisp understanding about your audience, their interests, online needs and meeting those needs will help you to endeavor to build a successful online empire.

Top 3 Modern Business Content Strategies For Your Business

B2B or B2C, your business requires proven or innovative business content strategy to record high turnover and sales. With stiff competition online, it appears as an uphill task, while negotiating in brain-storming sessions with vendors and suppliers. Customer psychology, purchasing power, decision-making and behavior carry heavy significance to analyze about your business content strategy to empower your consumers.

e-commerce will continue to rise globally paving the path for online businesses to reach its segment of buyers. While China and India lead e-commerce growth in Asia-Pacific, North America continues to stay ahead in the world of B2B market, according to Analysts. To boom up your business in this line of profitability, whether local or national, you need a definite source of market to build your consumer network. Here are the three business content strategies that help in  establishing your business successfully.

Identify consumer Trends

With the changing consumer trends and nearly a new competitor every minute coming online, your approach should be research based with quick and rapid approach to enable customers to buy your products. Not only identifying the new customer trends, but also implementing these methodically according to your business model, will yield successful results. The buying behavior of consumer can be very elaborate and sometimes puzzling. Noticing the consumer trends periodically will innovatively recommend the trend that your business should follow to gain the interest of consumers.

24×7 Online Business Availability

Launching your website, feedback form, publishing articles and advertising online is not adequate to have regular customers. There is more to be done to stay connected to your customers. It is important to be available online 24×7 enabling customers to place their orders and receive their products. Customers are trying to find your website and if it is not found, you lose your customer.

Research Consumers & Competitors

Research online for your audiences and design a plan how to reach them for your products. The present trend is to collect emails and mobile contacts and send product details, discounts via SMS and newsletters. There are few other new ways to reach your audience and that is to ask them to take a survey about their favorite food, fashion and movies. For the winners you can mail a discount coupon or a free gift from your website. Ensure that your customer already knows about the new brand. Get your business a line of new ideas and these have to be practical and must be in the interest of customers.

Competitors are always working to compete with your business. As long as you own the real principles of quality practice of selling original and customer centric products, you are on the winning side. It may seem a lot tougher than you imagined before making an entry into your business. But you must understand that real business stays winsome and it sells in the interest of buyers.

4 Not-To-Miss Content Strategy Tips to sell and market products

To sell your product online and to have number of new customers buying your products, you need a proven content strategy that can contribute to your business success. True that there are many good and competitive products are being sold online, but there is no proper content strategy to bring popularity to these products.  There are four top solutions to have a working and ruling content strategy management discussed by experts and these are as follows:

  1. Prepare Content for Long-term

Web content, articles, blog posts, advertising, marketing or a brochure, create the content always in long-term. With the rapid change of content needs, it takes more time to develop quality content. A one time web content that is vogue always meeting the requirements of customers will rotate, recycle and generate content for a long period of time. In fact, this will help you to concentrate on other content cycling management tasks. Audit your content thoroughly before it goes live.

2.Keep your audience interest and needs

Although you own the business, if you keen in view the needs and requirements of customers and develop content in that mode of line, you are successful. For example, if you are a single or multi-product seller online, understand the demographic needs, interests and needs of customers and prepare the content in tune. Keep in mind that there is no result in sales, if your content is not generating any traffic or customers. You definitely need to rethink and revise your content.

3.Identify the problems and design solutions

Watch a comedian on stage, he or she always demonstrates the real life examples and delivers back to audience to entertain them. Audience really enjoy the reality and they appreciate to accept it. Relating this concept to business, if you evaluate and analyze the daily or seasonal needs of customers, you will develop content that handles the solutions. Remember that customers is fully aware of what is most easy and hassle-free.

4.Access key data and performance indicators

Take the research and collect the data required for to sell your products. Acquire all the tools and resources to develop a strategy that suits your business in order to reach the customers easily.  For example, if you have launched your small business today, your daily traffic data, analysis, sales report and the success metrics must be viewed everyday and ensure to create and recreate it as opportunities grow in your business.

Five-Point Strategy Plan for Link Building

Link building is a big secret to SEO.  It is very important for a website to get ranked. Link building can succeed in a number of ways, but there are few essential factors for successful link-building strategy.

Know About your Target of Customers

Check your links and ensure that they are in connection with your content on website. In fact link building is a key strategy. Choose to place links at different places of your content that should convey importance to the audiences visiting your website.   To explain this important point, if you are working on an article that is detailing about good food, you need to place relevant websites that are talking about diet, nutrition, health, calories and weight management. Make sure that you include some of the best and popular websites. These links must add value to your to the analysis and opinions of your audience.

Know About your Competitors

Understand about your competitors and know who is linking to their websites. Take the help of definite, reliable sources to help you to know about these which can help you to analyze.  Online research will guide you through the process.

Build your strategy

In order to bring audience to your website, you need to have a plan that can out beat your competitors. Prepare a list of sites that already have plenty of traffic.  Place these links to your website, but it should not be too or over crowded with links. Further all the links must be closely in line with your niche.

Have a specific content strategy

Good content is by itself is a very good link building resource. Work very hard to create informative and quality content that is appreciated by your audience. Wherever you publish, the backlink  to your website will generate more traffic, if your content is very good. Provide new perspective, new statistics, data and images.

Strategy Success

The more creative and innovative you are, the better are the results. Your constant hard work in right direction will definitely bring good results to your website, be it in link-building, content development or adding backlinks. You should be consistent in your performance.

Top 4 Tips For Business Content Strategy

Venturing into a business requires an essential detailed business plan, financial plan, marketing plan and selling plan. To bring top rated success to a new business venture, business content strategy is very important.  The following 4 points discuss about business development, content strategy to choose to establish a successful segment of consumers, buyers, sellers and vendors network.

1. Quality Content Management

When business products and services make an entry into the market via website, google ads, facebook ads or any other online media channel, content development should be of top gradde quality to win the interest of audience. Every word delivers a meaningful message to the buyer or seller. Therefore content development has a lot of significance whether it article writing, Press Release, content curation or advertising.

2. Research the interests of buyers

If you do not have an idea about buyers, then your products have a bleak of chance to make a selling in the market. To prevent this, you must have a complete and thorough understanding of your buyers interests to reach them before they look out for you. Have a clear statistics, data and updates of consumers to be able to meet their demands and needs. After all, as a business holder, your job is always to prepare the products for selling.

3. Is your Team Talking About Sellling

Your business and marketing is working, planning and executing their selling strategies via visiting, telemarketing, product display and direct selling. Only professional teams are hyper active in achieving target sales figures while others keep postponing their selling targets or giving excuses. Most emphasizing aspect is it would be very easy for your team to sell, if your product is highly in demand, otherwise you need to advertise, market and tell your targeted audience about your products.

4. Your Website as business marketing tool

Every word on your website and your products matter most for the success of business content strategy. The more innovative and creative you are in your website, the better are the results. Everyday traffic and conversion of leads should be monitored carefully until your business takes off to a higher limit. Launching your website online is not enough, but you need you need to do more in order to make your website as your biggest marketing tool to generate sales everyday.


Business content strategy works according to the trends in the market, customer interests,  seasons, channels and network you have established to make your business a success. You must invest excellent efforts to choose appropriate business content strategy to help your business thrive in all seasons and in all platforms.