4 Powerful Ways To Understand About Your Business content strategy


Content strategy professionals re-emphasize on the elastic model to design, plan, execute, implement and evaluate an accurate content strategy. But here is the question, “How to select it ? ”

Your entry into business is become a businessman or businesswoman to sell products and services. So where do you start and how you reach your audience is about business content strategy.

The following guideline will help you:

1. Analyze your personas

Income streams, life style, buying psychology, interests and behavior can be a very big source to draw the information about your customers. Identifying those personas will let you select an accurate content strategy.

2. Choose how to reach audience

While there are hundreds of ways to reach your target of audience, plan and select how you wish to be found. Statistics indicate that audience prefer to read articles and blogs to make a purchase.  Your website is your marketing tool. So, plan to have most informative content on your website and blog.

3. How to make an impact

Content marketing has several refined and saturated models to make a successful impact on audience. So choose a highly profitable content that advertises, markets and generates leads. In fact this is the final outcome that is sought by business owners.

4. Enable Easy Buying Methods for customers

Online shopping is hitting trillions of Dollars and will continue to do so in the future. Establish Gate payment methods that protect the customer finances and helps in buying quickly via Debit and Credit card.

Offer multiple choices, prices and delivery methods as customers prefer door delivery methods.

If you are offering services via your website, offer a chat or contact form to enable customers come back to you.


The architecture of your content strategy will enable build audience. Never be on the side of get-rich-quick but rather choose unbiased, custom-built and profitable strategies that will help establish your business for long-term profits.


Route Map for Content Strategy – Part III

Route Map for Content Strategy Plan

Will all businesses follow the same type of content strategy? Is it going to produce successful results? These are some big questions that are posted in forums. It is agreed that the job of a Content Strategist is to make a content strategy plan work. But it will never be the same with the fact that, the products or services of each business is different and the segment of customers also varies. Therefore the solution for earning profits is to choose a strategy that is innovative, methodical, systematic, cost-effective and easily accessible to customers.

For instance, if an ice cream is parlor is launched as business in your area, what is the best way to get your customers? Most common practice is to either offer a sample cup, or distribute brochures or visit door-to-door telling about the new ice cream outlet. But according to business experts, to grow business on a fast pace to spread across your new outlet is to introduce “buy 1 get 1 free” offer as customers avail this benefit as it include families, young people and elderly. Therefore, innovative ideas have a potential scope for business success, if planned with strategy.

Pitfall to Avoid in content strategy planning

Web content, blog posts, article publishing, Press Release, brochures, Internet ads and any other content material distribution must be carefully planned as it brings either positive or no-response results. Some of the best tips in content strategy planned are:

  • Easy and simple format of web content focusing customers
  • Web compatible colors and fonts impressing customers
  • Scope for contact, comment or reach a help-line
  • Attractive brochure design
  • Accessible and realistic call-to-action

Customers are always working on their interests. If your business is able to solve or tackle any of their problems, your products will flourish. Therefore make sure that your content design is in fact helping, solving and offering reliable source to your traffic.

Choose content designs effectively

With hundreds of new businesses launched every day, sometimes consumers are flooded with plenty of information and literature and most of the products remain unpopular. To stay in demand, you need to design your content selectively keeping in view of the segment of your audience such as age group, income group, how would they like to browse the website, navigate and find out information and such other details must be kept in mind, while designing the content. Colors, background, fonts and other format must be systematized and used analytically to convey message and develop interest to opt for services.

There are many ready-made templates available and these are free. Choosing according to your business category and developing content will save a lot of time and supply new ideas.

Apply change management in content marketing

When content marketing is in implementation, it must be changing and varying from one method of solution to another. For example, if a Press Release has been published, it cannot go as a blog post in a re-written format. But it a new blog post title along with new content must be developed and published. Such as these in the form of PowerPoint, graphs and other online formats must be rotating by producing fresh content. The more is the quality of content, the better are the results. Focusing on content development, businesses are enhanced in its operations.

Analyze your audience needs, views and interests

While a prospering business has all its market strength, profitability and expanding customers, startups find it very difficult to make rapid progress and the reasons are widespread. But primary objective of a new launch should be to convey and reach customers by exploring many ways and methods to systematically approach and deliver services. Customers go by trends and seasons. For example festivals, new launch of products and industrial fairs or discount sale will attract a large number of customers. Although saving is one of the biggest factors of customers, if your products are of high quality, customers definitely make a big change in their savings plan.

Give priority to Google Ads, Face book Ads

Google Ads is the most convenient and cost-effective method for a business. You can set your budget and choose your keywords. You will definitely very good traffic and customers. Since social media website Face book has crossed 1 billion members.


Going by the facts, content strategy plan has its core important and significance. In order to cast a consistent and proven limelight, it is recommended to keep working on it and test the results again and again.

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How to build a content strategy

Route Map for Content Strategy – Part I

Route Map of Content Strategy – Part I


Content strategy plays a pivotal role in the success of a business. As a strategist, there are many sections and areas for you to care for, but it begins with your brand and industry. Your research for choosing content strategy is based on your industry.

I. The following key areas must also be described:

  1. Brand : What is the performance of the brand in the present scenario? What are the values and propositions? What improvements are required in the areas of non-performance.
  2. Goals: What are the present and future goals of the brand. What plans have been designed for achieving targets. How these targets will be achieved.
  3. Setting: Whether online or offline, clear and distinct plans for execution must be designed. Also the division of current audience and targeted audience must be also be described.

II. Background Research

Research must involve the following:

  1. Personas

Targeted audience and their needs must be identified and if these do not exist, we need to create needs.

  1. Stakeholder views

These are very valuable to eliminate roadblocks and to draw the best information about internal processes.

  1. Content Inventory

This is about quantitative assessment of the content that is already available and it is important to collect data viz., URLs, meta data, links, authors and target keywords along with the dates and updates.

  1. Content Audit

Evaluating content as good quality or bad quality, such as by checking bounce rate, social sharing analysis, traffic analysis, trend analysis and conversions are also taken into account for content audit.

  1. Gap Analysis

If any of the topics were to be covered and these were not included, a complete analysis will be retrieved to bridge the gap.

  1. Competitive Analysis

Complete examine of immediate and future competitors will be assessed in order to establish brand recognition for long-standing.

Tools To Use:

Analytics: Google Analytics and Moz Analytics will provide useful info to identify top landing pages and it will also help in receiving traffic.

Inventories: To download a list of all URLs, screaming frog can be used.

Audits: Content Analysis Tool and Open Site Explorer provide complete detail about content quality and success

Surveys: Google Consumer Surveys is most reliable to reach a set of normal audience. Using Qualaroo will help in taking poll of visitors who visit your website.

Heat and scroll maps:  Crazyegg provides more details about how visitors are clicking and they are scrolling.

III Blog – Inspirational Tool

A business blog is not about how big is the company, but it is about keeping a connection with audience by developing most creative and inspirational content. It must be remembered that every segment audience have needs and as a company, if you can identify and fulfill those needs, your company’s content strategy has won the interest of audience.

IV Offsite Content – Popularity Tool

There is a need to more attention to prepare the content for faster brand image and this may be the circulation of brochures, videos, emails and campaigns, it must be in the interest of audience for quick recognition.

V Creating a Governance to succeed in content strategy

Governance is about creating rules for content success and this includes brand, voice, style, content architecture and infrastructure. Paying good attention to brand guidelines, style & voice guide  and enabling readability will help to receive the interest of audience.

VI Managing Workflow by designing rules and documentation

The content team and the opinions of stakeholders along with legal team participate in many ways to the workflow by supplying required and relevant content. The brand life of Content Cycle is explained as:

  • Ideation (Content team and managers)
  • Outlining (SME)]
  • Developing Content (Teams)
  • Editing
  • Legal Review
  • Approval
  • Posting
  • Measuring

VIII Plan of Action for success to evaluate content strategy results

Controlling, monitoring and examining the results in performed in this module. It is true that it takes time to enjoy the results, but to this effect a plan of implementation must be prepared. These include:

  1. Editorial Calendar : A guideline to do first-things first, a road map and who is assigned what jobs are also detailed.
  2. Regular meet with content team: A timeline for completing jobs and setting targets will enable speedy and organized work.
  3. Social strategy: Selecting few channels that help company’s strategy to get promoted and publishing content relevant to those channels will help brand recognition.


Clear perspective of content strategy plan will lead to successful results. Beginning from research to the brand recognition plan, every step of plan is a process and must be implemented methodically using the above tools and accessories.

Reading online content strategy magazines viz., contently, econtentmag  and Digital Marketing will add lot of information to your business and you will be successful in establishing business.

Top 10 Curious Business Content Strategy Benefits from Content Audit

content audit

While MNCs generate innovative business content strategies and invest more funds, it is always SMEs who struggle to get recognized online. Web content, blog posts, SEO article writing, Press Release and content marketing, although play a vital role, due to stiff competition, small business owners never know their volumes of success or failure and in this process, they endeavor constantly seeking for quality measures to grow popular online.

Going by the statistical data of similar line of businesses launched online and as thousands of web pages keep getting added, it is quite significant to test and evaluate the content for  every business. For example web content must pass through content audit to establish its authentication that it is meeting the set parameters of goals and objectives.

But not all website owners know and understand about “Content Audit”. The definition is “an accounting of all currently published web content” (source: Wikipedia.org) “cornerstone of content strategy”. It indicates a fact that the assessment and its relation to the assets is evaluated and this is also termed as “website content analysis”.

Types of Content Audit

There are three types of content audit in practice to the goals of audit are also prescribed as a part of planning and process.

Full Content Audit

Partial Content Audit

Rolling Content Audit

Full content audit is a thorough and comprehensive analysis and accounting of website content.

Partial content audit attends to a part of the web site content which will be an essential hierarchy for a site.

Rolling  content audit carries out monitoring and maintenance of initial scan and thereafter depending on the requirement periodical scan and changes are performed.

Advantages for Business via Content Audit

1.Clarity in delivery of messages to the customers

Every business allots first preference to customers. By setting the content for customers interests, you are promoting customer products while helping your business move on. This aspect is carefully monitored in content audit and significant changes are made.

Opting for the content audit services is recommended to build profitable businesses. This aspect of technical functionality will create content in the right direction and takes the business into customer drive.

2.Overhauling the operations of business

Over a period of business operations, web site content and promotional campaign content gets ignored and very less interest is prevailing. It is really important to know that “content is everything” and examining and analyzing content will direct the business in the profitable side.  Choosing any type of audit is actually one step forward to overhaul the business operations. Professional monitoring and checking of business content will eliminate all the hindrances and will enable smooth functioning of the business.

3.Identifying strong elements and working on weak areas

It can never predicted or stated that there is almost every aspect is going great in content. There is a possibility of some key area may be getting ignored which is fast identified by content audit and immediate rectification is made. Additionally, the strong areas of a business are highlighted enabling the business grow fast.

4.Implementation of improved SEO tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is adopted by all. But choosing the right SEO keyword is done by very few. Using online SEO tools in content audit will speed up the traffic, leads and sales. Some of the SEO tools are:

Google Automated Keyword Tool




5.Assessment of competition and steps for improvement

Competition is very stiff online. Many times startups fail while other times businesses lack in understanding the scenario or the immediate correction required in business. Content audit takes care of this aspect and brings back the highlights and restores the key profitable and interest areas.

6.Critical analysis followed by improved content strategy

Whatever may be the most difficult aspect in a business, content audit cracks the code and improvements are initiated. It is actually a brainstorming session, with a very big scope to bring out the best while analyzing the content critically.

7.Forecast of periodical results

This crucial aspect is to have clear periodic forecast of profitable results and this achieved in an excellent way with content audit. The systematic implementation of content audit will enable future and immediate results for the benefit of online businesses. Although there are many tools used for designing content, only content audit can predict the working quality and nature of web content. Choosing a certified content strategist services will bring very good results. It helps many businesses to stay successful in spite of competition online where new competitors are being added everyday.

8.Analysis on customer perception

Keeping the interests of customers and developing content will bring excellent results online. This is due to the fact that, the entire purpose of content audit is to endorse 100% satisfaction to the customer and develop business in the interest of customers. Therefore, the analysis will emerge new thoughts, new concepts and new content which will change the approach to customers.

9.Understanding of goals, Dos and dont’s

Working or developing or operating a business without any aims, goals or definite objectives, will not produce any positive results. Due to this important fact, it is important to find out Dos and Don’ts in order to be on the winning side always. Any minor or major fault can result in negative impact to the company which is why content audit must be conducted with the help of checklist.

10.Successful and smooth operation of business

Every small and medium business will experience a transformation in its operations as the working and results produce high quality queries, leads and responses. There will be no chaos or confusion as every job task has been clearly detailed and discussed. Since the new system is introduced, it is time to wait and watch the results after content audit.


Beginning from content creation to the stage of content audit, there is a need to follow certain procedures in the perspective of business goals, objectives and mission. All businesses goals cannot be the same and similarly evaluation of content is not carried out in a similar fashion. Every organization has its prior objectives to be followed and accordingly content audit is prescribed. But the benefits of content audit for a business are very elaborate and long-lasting.

Top 4 Tips For Business Content Strategy

Venturing into a business requires an essential detailed business plan, financial plan, marketing plan and selling plan. To bring top rated success to a new business venture, business content strategy is very important.  The following 4 points discuss about business development, content strategy to choose to establish a successful segment of consumers, buyers, sellers and vendors network.

1. Quality Content Management

When business products and services make an entry into the market via website, google ads, facebook ads or any other online media channel, content development should be of top gradde quality to win the interest of audience. Every word delivers a meaningful message to the buyer or seller. Therefore content development has a lot of significance whether it article writing, Press Release, content curation or advertising.

2. Research the interests of buyers

If you do not have an idea about buyers, then your products have a bleak of chance to make a selling in the market. To prevent this, you must have a complete and thorough understanding of your buyers interests to reach them before they look out for you. Have a clear statistics, data and updates of consumers to be able to meet their demands and needs. After all, as a business holder, your job is always to prepare the products for selling.

3. Is your Team Talking About Sellling

Your business and marketing is working, planning and executing their selling strategies via visiting, telemarketing, product display and direct selling. Only professional teams are hyper active in achieving target sales figures while others keep postponing their selling targets or giving excuses. Most emphasizing aspect is it would be very easy for your team to sell, if your product is highly in demand, otherwise you need to advertise, market and tell your targeted audience about your products.

4. Your Website as business marketing tool

Every word on your website and your products matter most for the success of business content strategy. The more innovative and creative you are in your website, the better are the results. Everyday traffic and conversion of leads should be monitored carefully until your business takes off to a higher limit. Launching your website online is not enough, but you need you need to do more in order to make your website as your biggest marketing tool to generate sales everyday.


Business content strategy works according to the trends in the market, customer interests,  seasons, channels and network you have established to make your business a success. You must invest excellent efforts to choose appropriate business content strategy to help your business thrive in all seasons and in all platforms.